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“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and
help people in a way we couldn't as individuals.”

Jean Vanier

About Us

Welcome to Another Chance 2 Bridge the Gap, LLC. We are a nationwide organization helping individuals come together forming a collective body surrounding a common cause and purpose to improve the living conditions from the inside of the incarcerated world to the outside free world. Even though this organization has been around for about two years; our partners and founders have been in the field of helping people for over 20 years. Through UNITY and CHANGE we seek to make an impact in this world.

We provide another chance to take advantage of missed opportunity by mending our faults or righting our wrongs. Bridging the gap is fixing what’s been broken, rebuilding what has been destroyed or uniting what has been separated. This is what we mean by “combine two worlds into one”. Specifically, we are aiming to bridge the distance between prison and the community, the space between cause and effect, the uncertainty between problems and solutions.

What began as a few community events in a small town in SC wanting to help the children and then five years later, meetings discussing the injustice in America has progressed into a nationwide movement called Another Chance 2 Bridge the Gap, LLC. 

Another Chance is an organization about CHANGE and we see that we need change in America in so many areas.

The question was eventually raised as to why these problems could exist in the first place. How were these men put in the position to be abused by any group of individual?

The consensus was that too many divisions exist in our society for it to be any other way. These divisions began in the home where members of the family have no clear understanding of how a family is supposed to function; divisions in the neighborhood where trust among neighbors is minimal at best.

It also began in the schools and workplace where competition among students and coworkers, respectively, promotes division rather than unity and commonalities and divisions between the races where fear, distrust and hate for each other make it virtually impossible for people to unite for the good of their own interest.

All of this has led us to commit all types of atrocities against each other. All of them regularly contributed to men and women being sent to prison in large numbers to live under these draconian conditions. Because of our disunity in the community, we lack the ability to overcome such obstacles as poverty, high levels of crime, poor health, lack of education and the ability to make decisions about issues that concern us as a community.

We discussed the need to repair the psychological damage to the community and the damage to the community’s sense of security. This was a social problem that needed to be addressed and attacked by us. We had to be curious enough to learn more about the problem, adventurous enough to accept the challenges that came along with combatting the problem and fearless enough to face opponents who benefit financially and politically from our problem.

In the past, many brave men and women had organized in an effort to obliterate one or another of the many problems that exist in communities across America. But their focus on only one was precisely the cause of their failure. Disparities and inequities exist across the full spectrum of American society. Where one is being closed, another is negatively affecting the lives of the desperately impoverished pauper on the streets.

We now realize that we must attack the root causes of all the problems that affect our lives – that being the rampant dis-unity in our so called “community”. There are too many gaps in society that need to be bridged to continue doing business as usual.

This is our chance to bridge the gap. People of the world –UNITE!

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